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God’s Treasure Box

Author: Cynthia Fortenberry
Publsiher: WestBow Press
Total Pages: 102
Release: 2021-09-13
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 1664243941
Rating: 4.2/5 (439 downloads)

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Life is difficult and sometimes really tough. We live with anxieties and face adversity almost every day. In God’s Treasure Box, author Cynthia Fortenberry exemplifies what it is to be living life as a true believer in today’s upside-down world. She opens avenues of thinking and gives encouragement to be the best you God has created you to become. Through scripture and unique, sometimes unconventional stories, she brings reality into a new perspective, gently leading you to see yourself how God sees and desires your life. Fortenberry offers a look at a variety of subjects including fear, choice and consequences, salvation and rededication, the importance of scripture, Christianity, and the pitfalls of the world. Fortenberry communicates that God wants us to have a clear destiny, to keep moving forward and to understand that the struggles we face today give us strength for tomorrow. With his love, we can live in an evil world with new eyes and open hearts.



Author: Sandeep Ravidutt Sharma
Publsiher: Sandeep Ravidutt Sharma
Total Pages: 107
Release: 2019-01-31
Genre: Self-Help
Rating: 4./5 ( downloads)

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This book provides you with a list of 100 motivational quotes and thoughts focusing mainly on improving your wellness quotient. A happy mind is nothing but the treasure box you own which is full of positive and inspiring thoughts. All you have to do is use inspiring and encouraging words for opening the treasure box for you. Amazing thoughts are vital to achieving success and happiness in your life. This book is just a small attempt to serve you with words of motivation written with the grace and blessings of Maa Bhairavi. I’m sure if you keep reading, referring, sharing these thoughts and quotes, you may derive inspiration and develop a good understanding of various perspectives and facts about life. I sincerely hope, you will find this book amazing, interesting, rejuvenating, unique and a constant source of inspiration. Thank You and Happy Reading.

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The Treasure Box

Author: Penelope J. Stokes
Publsiher: Thomas Nelson
Total Pages: 212
Release: 2008-07-27
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1418519081
Rating: 4.5/5 (19 downloads)

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Vita Kirk is a travel writer who has never left her hometown. In fact, she rarely leaves her house. Due to deep wounds and bitter losses, Vita has chosen isolation over vulnerability. But when she stumbles across an antique chest in a hole-in-the-wall boutique, she discovers a puzzling link to her past and her physical surroundings mysteriously begin to change. Inscribed in the treasure chest are the words, "Love is the key that unlocks every portal." The power of these words prove to unlock a part of Vita she thought had died years ago. "Stories like this go by many different names-fantasy, time-shift, magical realism. Some are overtly Christian or religious in nature, others are not. But from a spiritual perspective, the common thread in all these works is the redeeming, transforming power of God's grace not only to alter the future but to change our understanding of the past."--Penelope Stokes

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Treasure Box of Poem and Story

Author: Bertha Laird
Total Pages: 87
Release: 2010-04-03
ISBN: 0557366631
Rating: 4.3/5 (666 downloads)

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Collection of poems about God's Word and His World. Includes a story about a little girl that loses her parents and finds a new beginning.

Download A Therapeutic Treasure Box for Working with Children and Adolescents with Developmental Trauma PDF

A Therapeutic Treasure Box for Working with Children and Adolescents with Developmental Trauma

Author: Karen Treisman
Publsiher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Total Pages: 424
Release: 2017-09-21
Genre: Social Science
ISBN: 1784505536
Rating: 4.5/5 (55 downloads)

Download A Therapeutic Treasure Box for Working with Children and Adolescents with Developmental Trauma Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Like a treasure chest, this resource overflows with valuable resources - information, ideas and techniques to inspire and support those working with children who have experienced relational and developmental trauma. Drawing on a range of therapeutic models including systemic, psychodynamic, trauma, sensory, neurobiological, neurocognitive, attachment, cognitive behavioural, and creative ideas, Dr Karen Treisman explains how we understand trauma and its impact on children, teens and their families. She details how it can be seen in symptoms such as nightmares, sleeping difficulties, emotional dysregulation, rage, and outbursts. Theory and strategies are accompanied by a treasure trove of practical, creative, and ready-to-use resources including over 100 illustrated worksheets and handouts, top tips, recommended sample questions, and photographed examples.

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Fast, Fun & Easy Fabric Boxes

Author: Linda Johansen
Publsiher: C&T Publishing Inc
Total Pages: 64
Release: 2010-11-05
Genre: Crafts & Hobbies
ISBN: 1607050617
Rating: 4.0/5 (56 downloads)

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Make a Fabric Box Tonight! Linda Johansen takes her popular fabric-bowl technique a step further with fabric boxes, and you will not believe how fast, fun, and easy they are to make! 13 beautiful projects for Square Boxes, To-Go Boxes, Treasure Chests, Recipe Boxes, and more, all with lids included. 8 basic box designs offer unlimited options for creating your own variations. Each box is unique - choose theme fabrics, hand-dyes, or whatever catches your eye, and embellish to suit your style. Make your own quick gifts or gift boxes. BONUS instructions for fabric fortune cookies! Finalist in the "Hobby/Crafts/How-To" category of the USA Book News "Best Book Awards" contest for 2005. Make it quicker with fast2fuse® Double-Sided Fusible Stiff Interfacing!

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Popular Mechanics

Total Pages:
Release: 1903
Genre: Industrial arts
Rating: 4./5 ( downloads)

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Salvage the World

Author: Dan DanXia
Publsiher: Funstory
Total Pages:
Release: 2020-06-10
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1649550162
Rating: 4.5/5 (51 downloads)

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It was said that the wind and the clouds of the world surged, and the rivers of time surged. People said that the sky and the sky were long and endless, but the stars moved like smoke, and in the end, it was just a wind and moon.

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Treasure Boxes

Author: Jaine Kopp
Publsiher: Gems
Total Pages: 110
Release: 1997
Genre: Activity programs in education
Rating: 4./5 ( downloads)

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Students use collections of small, interesting objects to learn skills and science and mathematics concepts. They observe, compare, describe, organize, communicate, record, and draw conclusions through sorting, making Venn diagrams, and graphing. Kg.-3rd grade.

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Career Counseling Interventions

Author: Wendy K. Killam, PhD, NCC, CRC, LPC
Publsiher: Springer Publishing Company
Total Pages: 320
Release: 2016-02-11
Genre: Education
ISBN: 0826132170
Rating: 4.1/5 (321 downloads)

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Goes beyond traditional “job hunt strategies” to provide innovative solutions targeted to specific populations This graduate text for courses in career counseling is distinguished by its emphasis on creative interventions tailored to the unique needs of diverse populations. With a focus on career as a cornerstone of personal identity, the book explores the specific meaning of careers within different cultures and examines the challenges faced by—and potential solutions for--individuals with diverse backgrounds and needs. It describes unique interventions that allow counseling students to visualize and actualize career counseling with a wide range of clients and demonstrates techniques targeted to each population that can be put into practice immediately. The text provides demographic information regarding specific job-seeking groups including such “traditional” populations as college graduates and working parents, as well as groups that encounter special challenges such as stay-at-home parents returning to work, formerly incarcerated individuals, people with disabilities, teen mothers, African American, Hispanic and Asian males and females, older adults, LGBT individuals, and many others. Over fifty creative, innovative interventions that have been successfully applied help counselors to provide effective career development strategies with each population. Chapters include a vignette representing each population, group demographics, a history of career paths and obstacles, unique needs of the group, supports already in place, and specific career counseling assessment and interventions. The book also provides abundant resources for additional study. In addition to its value to career counselors, the text will also be useful to personal counselors who often deal with their client’s career issues during treatment. Key Features: Provides in-depth exploration of underserved populations who hold unique career development needs Includes innovative career counseling interventions that move beyond standard “job hunt strategies” or “resume preparation tips” Explores life stage concerns related to career development across multiple diverse identities Gives readers step-by-step details on implementing over 40 innovative career counseling techniques Presents case studies that provide clear examples of the application of relevant interventions

Download The Carolina Heirlooms Collection: The Prayer Box / The Story Keeper / The Sea Keeper's Daughters PDF

The Carolina Heirlooms Collection: The Prayer Box / The Story Keeper / The Sea Keeper's Daughters

Author: Lisa Wingate
Publsiher: NavPress
Total Pages: 1153
Release: 2016-09-09
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1496420802
Rating: 4.4/5 (28 downloads)

Download The Carolina Heirlooms Collection: The Prayer Box / The Story Keeper / The Sea Keeper's Daughters Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

From the #1 New York Times author of Before We Were Yours! This collection bundles 3 of Lisa Wingate’s contemporary/historical Carolina Heirlooms series together in one e-book, for a great value! The Prayer Box When Iola Anne Poole, an old-timer on Hatteras Island, passes away in her bed at ninety-one, the struggling young mother in her rental cottage, Tandi Jo Reese, finds herself charged with the task of cleaning out Iola’s rambling Victorian house. Running from a messy, dangerous past, Tandi never expects to find more than a temporary hiding place within Iola’s walls, but everything changes with the discovery of eighty-one carefully decorated prayer boxes, one for each year, spanning from Iola’s youth to her last days. Hidden in the boxes is the story of a lifetime, written on random bits of paper—the hopes and wishes, fears and thoughts of an unassuming but complex woman passing through the seasons of an extraordinary, unsung life filled with journeys of faith, observations on love, and one final lesson that could change everything for Tandi. The Story Keeper (2015 Christy Award winner! 2015 Carol award winner!) When successful New York editor Jen Gibbs discovers a decaying slush-pile manuscript on her desk, she has no idea that the story of Sarra, a young mixed-race woman trapped in Appalachia at the turn of the twentieth century, will both take her on a journey and change her forever. Happy with her life in the city, and at the top of her career with a new job at Vida House Publishing, Jen has left her Appalachian past and twisted family ties far behind. But the search for the rest of the manuscript, and Jen’s suspicions about the identity of its unnamed author, will draw her into a mystery that leads back to the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains . . . and quite possibly through the doors she thought she had closed forever. The Sea Keeper’s Daughters (2016 Christy Award Winner!) From modern-day Roanoke Island to the sweeping backdrop of North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains and Roosevelt’s WPA folklore writers, past and present intertwine to create an unexpected destiny. Restaurant owner Whitney Monroe is desperate to save her business from a hostile takeover. The inheritance of a decaying Gilded Age hotel on North Carolina’s Outer Banks may provide just the ray of hope she needs. But things at the Excelsior are more complicated than they seem. Whitney’s estranged stepfather is entrenched on the third floor, and the downstairs tenants are determined to save the historic building. Searching through years of stored family heirlooms may be Whitney’s only hope of quick cash, but will the discovery of an old necklace and a Depression-era love story change everything?

Download Online Game: Becoming God PDF

Online Game: Becoming God

Author: Feng YuCaiHong
Publsiher: Funstory
Total Pages:
Release: 2020-07-22
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1649915527
Rating: 4.9/5 (155 downloads)

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Three years before his rebirth, when the game "God of Conferred" opened, the former king of the game was just a small follower who followed the Second Miss into the game.

Download Waiting for Messiah PDF

Waiting for Messiah

Author: Rainbow Chang
Publsiher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
Total Pages: 65
Release: 2021-03-11
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 1725290693
Rating: 4.2/5 (96 downloads)

Download Waiting for Messiah Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

The pandemic of the 2020 Easter season has been seen as transformative for human life. However, the transformation that modern science will bring into human life is even more fearfully exciting in the big picture of human history. The pandemic triggered a deep urgency in the author to question the Easter story in light of frontier science. When death is near us, we often think more about life and truth and are filled with the urge to experience them both. In the Christian story, God was born, died, and was resurrected on earth; ascended into heaven from earth; and will bring the kingdom of God on earth. What will be the continuation of our Easter story if the earth is no longer our home? What's the real meaning of the resurrection of the dead in his return if modern science has achieved everlasting life before his return? In this book, the questioning of truth is blended with a deep faith in the truth. It shows that waiting for the Messiah is not a stilled life putting the future on pause but a dance of life. For the characters of this book, the dance of life in lockdown in a small town did not block their awareness of hunger, violence, and injustice happening in the world or limit their vision for the kingdom of God. That could be said about millions of lives at the time of Easter 2020, as millions of people have given their lives for others. Remembering the Easter of 2020 is remembering you.

Download St. Nicholas PDF

St. Nicholas

Author: Mary Mapes Dodge
Total Pages: 530
Release: 1880
Genre: Children's literature
Rating: 4./5 ( downloads)

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Download Expressman's Monthly PDF

Expressman's Monthly

Total Pages: 394
Release: 1876
Genre: Express service
Rating: 4./5 ( downloads)

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Download Being Papa PDF

Being Papa

Author: Walter R. Retkofsky
Publsiher: Xulon Press
Total Pages: 110
Release: 2015-10-30
Genre: Family & Relationships
ISBN: 1498454933
Rating: 4.4/5 (549 downloads)

Download Being Papa Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

What Readers are Saying... I could feel God’s presence in the words. Walt’s ability to take a snapshot of life and use that snapshot to lead into a spiritual life lesson is amazing... Awesome! It was really touching to glimpse the “Father’s” heart through the stories... Being Papa contains stories of love and family that will touch your heart, and encourage your spirit... A heart-warming little book describing the relationship that God our Father desires to have with us...