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Entered from the Sun

Author: George Garrett
Publsiher: Doubleday
Total Pages: 352
Release: 2013-12-18
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 0804151881
Rating: 4.1/5 (518 downloads)

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Completing his masterful trilogy of novels set in Elizabethan England, Garrett again applies distinguished literary skills to spin a tale dark with deception and metaphysical questions but teeming with sensuous and concrete details that convey the spirit of the age. In 1597, when it seems that "half the people in England are spying on the other half," two Londoners skilled in deceit are forcibly enjoined by rival factions to investigate the recent death of dissolute poet and playwright Christopher Marlowe. Each of the two--Joseph Hunnyman, "common player" and con man, and Captain William Barfoot, soldier and spy--is aware of the other's investigation, but they come together, only through a third party, the provocative widow Alysoun. Like an impressionist painting, vivid in its small, shimmering details, the novel conveys a picture of Renaissance society, offers richly nuanced character portraits, and sparkles with bawdy humor and robust sexuality. Garrett's prose is oblique, his sentences arrestingly truncated, his narrative method seemingly digressive; in no rush to spill out his story, he circles round and round its mysterious core. Though the plot here is less compelling than those of the two previous novels, readers will enjoy a novel of rare literary quality, richly marinated in research, wondrously steeped in the world it artfully depicts. –PW

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Author: Avraham Oz
Publsiher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Total Pages: 232
Release: 2003-10-21
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 1137079827
Rating: 4.0/5 (798 downloads)

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Christopher Marlowe is known not only as Shakespeare's most notable contemporary playwright, but also as one of the most intriguing figures of the English Renaissance. The mystery of his death in a fray at the age of 29 has inspired writers around the world, and his fiery career is no less intriguing. This New Casebook offers a wide-ranging selection of essays on Marlowe's major plays. Articles from the last two decades by leading critics of English early modern drama provide a variety of fresh, controversial and enlightening critical perspectives on five of Marlowe's plays: Tamburlaine the Great Parts One and Two, The Jew of Malta, Doctor Faustus, and Edward II.

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Constructing a World

Author: Martha Tuck Rozett
Publsiher: State University of New York Press
Total Pages: 217
Release: 2012-02-01
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 0791487733
Rating: 4.4/5 (877 downloads)

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Examines recent developments in historical fiction, with particular attention to the way contemporary writers have portrayed Shakespearean England.

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Christopher Marlowe

Author: Robert A. Logan
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 554
Release: 2017-03-02
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 1351951645
Rating: 4.9/5 (516 downloads)

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In uncovering the origin of the designation 'University Wits', Bob Logan examines the characteristics of the Wits and their influence on the course of Elizabethan drama. For the first time, Christopher Marlowe is placed in the context of the six University Wits, where his reputation stands out as the most prominent, and the impact of his university education on his works is clarified. The essays selected for reprinting assess the most significant scholarship written about Marlowe, including biographical studies, challenges to familiar assumptions about the poet/playwright and his works, compositions on groupings of his works, on individual works, and on subjects particular to Marlowe. Unique in its perspective and in the collection of essays, this book will interest all students and scholars of Renaissance poetry, drama, and specialized cultural contexts.

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Princeton Alumni Weekly

Publsiher: princeton alumni weekly
Total Pages:
Release: 1926
Rating: 4./5 ( downloads)

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Surveillance, Militarism and Drama in the Elizabethan Era

Author: C. Breight
Publsiher: Springer
Total Pages: 348
Release: 1996-11-07
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 023037302X
Rating: 4.3/5 (73 downloads)

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Curtis Breight challenges the view that Renaissance English rulers could not dominate their domestic population. He argues, alternatively, that the Elizabethan state was controlled by the Cecilian faction, which maintained power by focusing English energies outwardly. Cecilians launched relentless assaults by land and sea against England's neighbours. By the 1590s their policies had enriched a few yet destroyed countless people, and this book reads the drama of Christopher Marlowe and William Shakespeare in relation to ongoing national and international conflict.

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The Company of the Creative

Author: David L. Larsen
Publsiher: Kregel Academic
Total Pages: 644
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 9780825494321
Rating: 4.8/5 (254 downloads)

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Great works and authors of the world are introduced and reviewed artistically, intellectually, and theologically. Persons discussed include Plato, Milton, Dickens, Shakespeare, Charlotte Bronte, Mark Twain, and C. S. Lewis.

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The Biography Book

Author: Daniel S. Burt
Publsiher: Greenwood Publishing Group
Total Pages: 650
Release: 2001
Genre: Biography
ISBN: 9781573562560
Rating: 4.5/5 (735 downloads)

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Contains alphabetically arranged entries that identify and assess the biographical materials available on over five hundred notable historical figures, listing autobiography and primary sources, recommended biographies and juvenile biographies, other biographical studies, biographical novels, fictional portraits, and biographical films and theatrical adaptations.

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Good Will: Shakespeare's Novel Life

Author: Arthur W. Wiggins
Publsiher: First Edition Design Pub.
Total Pages: 206
Release: 2019-08-09
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 1506908454
Rating: 4.9/5 (84 downloads)

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How did a simple glover's son with a Stratford grammar school education become the world's greatest playwright? It wasn't easy. This book intersperses family and financial challenges with sparse documented facts to provide a plausible, entertaining story of Shakespeare's life. Easy to read, accessible, and lively, this book provides a wide range of readers a unique opportunity to enjoy his works by visiting the root of his genius. Play-goers, students, book club members or anyone with curiosity about Shakespeare may enjoy this behind-the-scenes view, based on 25 years of study and travel by experienced educators and writers.

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Placing the Plays of Christopher Marlowe

Author: Sara Munson Deats
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 264
Release: 2016-04-22
Genre: Drama
ISBN: 1317080351
Rating: 4.0/5 (83 downloads)

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Focusing upon Marlowe the playwright as opposed to Marlowe the man, the essays in this collection position the dramatist's plays within the dramaturgical, ethical, and sociopolitical matrices of his own era. The volume also examines some of the most heated controversies of the early modern period, such as the anti-theatrical debate, the relations between parents and children, Machiavaelli1s ideology, the legitimacy of sectarian violence, and the discourse of addiction. Some of the chapters also explore Marlowe's polysemous influence on the theater of his time and of later periods, but, most centrally, upon his more famous contemporary poet/playwright, William Shakespeare.

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George Garrett

Author: Brooke Horvath
Total Pages: 240
Release: 1998
Genre: Fiction
Rating: 4./5 ( downloads)

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This new volume is a collection of essays and poems on George Garrett's best-selling trilogy of Elizabethan England: Death of the Fox, The Succession, and Entered from the Sun. Contributors of the essays include Richard Betts, "'To Dream of Kings': George Garrett's The Succession"; Nicholas Delbanco, "The Succession: A Novel of Elizabeth and James"; Joseph Dewey, "'A Golden Age for Fanta-sticks': Imagination, Faith, and Mistery in Entered from the Sun"; R. H. W. Dillard, "The Elizabethan Novels: Death of the Fox and The Succession"; Thomas Fleming, "The Historical Consciousness of George Garrett"; Reginald Gibbons, "George Garrett's Whole New World: The Succession"; Steven G. Kellman, "Who Killed Kit Marlowe? Who Wants to Know?"; Irving Malin, "Hermetic Fox-Hunting"; Joseph W. Reed, "Settling Marlowe's Hash"; W. R. Robinson, "Imagining the Individual: George Garrett's Death of the Fox"; David R. Slavitt, "A Twentieth Century Fox--in the Warner Brothers' Chicken Coop"; Monroe K. Spears, "George Garrett and the Historical Novel" and "A Trilogy Complete, A Past Recaptured"; Walter Sullivan, "Time Past and Time Present: Garrett's Entered from the Sun"; Richard Tillinghast, "The Fox, Gloriana, Kit Marlowe, and Sundry"; Tom Whalen, "Eavesdropping in the Dark: The Opening(s) of George Garrett's Entered from the Sun"; Allen Wier, "The Scars of Flesh and Spirit or How He Pictures It: George Garrett's Entered from the Sun Brendan Galvin ("Your Messenger of 1566") and Laurence Goldstein ("In Praise of Entered from the Sun") contribute poems to the volume. Fred Chappell notes in the introduction that "the trilogy swarms me over: it is full to bursting with a history that seems to have more complexity than the actual life I am living and it has caused me to interpret in its terms events I witness firsthand and even participate in."

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True Crime: Spy Stories 2

Author: Kristen Laurence
Publsiher: Lulu Press, Inc
Total Pages:
Release: 2014-01-22
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1304829367
Rating: 4.8/5 (293 downloads)

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This book portrays the greatest spies and the stories behind them. Clandestine HUMINT (human intelligence)operations were on the rise during and after 2nd world war. Few of the greatest espionage took place during those times. Some of them have been unclassified now but never been talked about. Many spies had fallen into the lust of Soviet Union and had betrayed United States. Few fell in love with the prettiest cover girls. This book has it all and more..

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Marlowe's Empery

Author: Sara Munson Deats
Publsiher: University of Delaware Press
Total Pages: 228
Release: 2002
Genre: Dramatists, English
ISBN: 9780874137873
Rating: 4.8/5 (741 downloads)

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However, although employing a critical methodology that has become increasingly popular during the past decade, the essays in this section also seek to discover new relationships between Marlowe's plays and their social environment."--BOOK JACKET.

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Beacham's Encyclopedia of Popular Fiction

Author: Kirk H. Beetz
Total Pages: 654
Release: 1996
Genre: Fiction
Rating: 4./5 ( downloads)

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Beyond "The Spanish Tragedy"

Author: Lukas Erne
Publsiher: Manchester University Press
Total Pages: 422
Release: 2001
ISBN: 9780719060939
Rating: 4.7/5 (19 downloads)

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This is the first book in more than thirty years on the playwright who is arguably Shakespeare's most important tragic predecessor. In Lukas Erne's book, The Spanish Tragedy - the most popular of all plays on the English Renaissance stage - receives the extensive scholarly and criticaltreatment it deserves, including a full reception and modern stage history. Yet as Erne shows, Thomas Kyd is much more than the author of a single masterpiece. Don Horatio (partly extant in The First Part of Hieronimo), the lost early Hamlet, Soliman and Perseda, and Cornelia all belong to whatemerges in this study for the first time as a coherent dramatic oeuvre.

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American Writers

Author: Jay Parini
Publsiher: Charles Scribners Sons/Reference
Total Pages: 636
Release: 2001
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 9780684806242
Rating: 4.6/5 (848 downloads)

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Among the 18 writers included in the" Supplement" are: Andre Dubus George Garrett William Kennedy Jerzy Kozinski Mary Oliver E. Annie Proulx Anne Rice And more